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contact Steve A in Georgia (843) 290-5062


Meeting Moderators Needed

All 11 A Journey to Hope meetings need a total of 4 moderators for the following meetings. 

Here are the current openings:

Sun 11am PT (3)

Mon 5 pm PT

Tues 5pm PT (3)

Wed 6 pm PT 

Thur 5pm PT 

Thur 6pm PT (1)

Fri.  9 pm PT
Sat 6pm PT (1)

Requirement: 30 days sobriety and a 1-year commitment which would be 12 meetings a year.

Contact List Update

Chris G is taking over managing the contact list. If you would like a copy you can email at


Group Conscience

First Step Presentation

June 24

Dan,  Wash,

July 29

Michael M, GA

Wedesday 9pm

A Journey to Hope Step Study Meeting

Guest Speaker

Monday Men's Meeting Guest Speaker

May 27

Steve A, GA

June 3

Steve A, Ga

June 10

Steve A, Ga

June 17

John, NY

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