Newcomers Meeting:
Tuesday 8 p.m. PST
Passcode - 275750


By 12/31/19 we need people to take ownership of the following:
A Journey to Hope telemeeting contact list - 2 people

Free Conference Calling phone number & website - 1 more person (Shane, MO has volunteered for one of the positions)

A Journey to Hope website - 1 more person (Patrick, NY has volunteered for one of the positions)

For details please email Steve A, GA - or Patsy, TN -
First Step Presentation

Monday Men's Meeting 

Anthony C, TX

Oct. 14th
James R, Fl

Saturday evening "Talking about Recovery Meeting" 
Oct. 26
Richard P. AK


Moderators Needed

All 13 A Journey to Hope meetings will be needing a total of 4 moderators on each meeting. This will need to be in place by 12/31/19.

There will be the following openings:

Sun 11am PST - 2

Sun & Tues 5pm PST - 4 total for both meetings

Mon 5pm PST - 1

Mon 8pm PST - 2

Tues 8pm PST - 1

Weds 6pm PST-1

Weds 8pm PST - 1

Thurs 5pm PST - 2

Thurs 6pm PST - 2

Fri 6pm PST -3

Sat 1pm PST - 2

Sat 6pm PST - 2

Requirement of 30 days sobriety and a 1 year commitment which would be 12 meetings a year.

If you are interested please email Steve A, GA - or Patsy, TN -

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