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All Sunday meetings and the Tuesday 11:00 PM ET beginner's meeting are temporarily non-operational due to a lack of moderators.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  They will re-open once people volunteer.  

A new website design is currently in development.  Here is a temporary link for your review.  

Group Conscience

Fidell  P, TX will moderate the Tuesday Step Study Meeting @ 5 pm PT on Feb. 18th and 25th, when a group conscious will be held.
Meeting Moderators Needed

All 13 A Journey to Hope meetings will be needing a total of 4 moderators for each meeting. 

There will be the following openings:

Sun 11am PST (2)
Sun & Tues 5pm PST  (3 total for both meetings)
Weds 6pm PST (2)
Thurs 5pm PST  (3)
Thurs 6pm PST  (1)
Sat 6pm PST (1)

Requirement: 30 days sobriety and a 1 year commitment which would be 12 meetings a year.

If you are interested please email Patrick N, NY 951-296-8529

Upcoming Presentations

Monday Men's Talkin' Bout' Recovery Meeting

Feb. 17th  
Brian P., FL

Feb. 24th
Adam M.

March 2nd
Rex M., FL

March 9th
Scott D, FL

March 16th
Matt T, CA

Working our Program towards Self-Discovery
Friday 9 PM ET/6 PM PT
Feb. 28th
James S, NC

Saturday Talkin' Bout' Recovery

Feb. 8th
Zach S., OH

Feb. 15th
Kyle S., AZ

Feb. 29th
Jon A., CA